All My Light Bulbs

or My Life and Times

5 September 1976
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Hello! My name is Beth. I'm a 32-year old project manager for a company called SunGard, in Availability Services, where we are continually enhancing our huge implementation of Oracle Applications. Recently, I earned my PMP certification, so now I can put initials after my name (among other things). There are things I might prefer to be doing, but computers are mostly interesting, and they pay the bills well.

I believe I lead a charmed existence. I believe life will never give me something I can't handle. I believe that I am capable of great things. I believe that I have tons of potential yet to fulfill.

I have serious issues with food, and am usually battling to lose weight. Sometimes I like to talk about it, and sometimes I don't. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in August of 2003, but had a very successful surgery to remove it in April of 2004. I still worry about fulfilling my potential.

I have a loving and wonderful boyfriend named Rob who supports me in every crazy endeavor I pursue. I also have two wonderful parents and a mostly nice brother named Josh. He got married in October of 2005 to a very sweet girl named Karri, so now I have a sister-in-law, too! That's exciting, because I have never had a sister!

I have two cats, Abby Cat and Picabo Poppy. They were both adopted from the Delaware Humane Association, where I used to volunteer as a cat counselor. (I counseled the people who want to adopt the cats, not the cats themselves...) Abby is a dilute calico with extra toes. She has 7 on each front paw and 5 on each rear paw instead of the usual 5 and 4, respectively. She was born on August 26, 2001. Poppy is a mostly black tortoiseshell with some white on her chin and paws. She was born on March 1, 2002, and is a biological sister to two of Rob's cats, Lilac and Ivy. Rob has a third cat named Life, also.

I believe very strongly in volunteering and giving back to the community. Besides being a cat counselor, I have volunteered at Christiana Hospital in the cancer wing, and in September 2001, I rode in the MS150 Bike to the Bay. I raised almost $2000 for MS research by completing that 75 mile ride. I am a member of WHYY (my local NPR station) and a charter member of the National Contistution Center.

I attended the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and I am now the Class of 1994 Representative to the TJHSST Alumni Association. I also attended the University of Delaware where I studied Biochemistry and Computer Science.

I am looking for other interesting journals to read. If you think there's someone I should read, let me know!

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